July 19, 2016

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    Men and Makeup

    It’s time to hit a quick taboo topic for the gents. Is it acceptable for us to wear makeup? Yes, I said the M word. There is no simple answer. This is not like taking a fashion risk and I have to admit, I am not expecting the men who are reading this to even really… [read more]

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    Check out some of my online and print magazine features.

  • Joe’s Top Stories

    Joe has been working with CNN since he was a teenager, starting out as a summer job and working his way up to a News Editor.  Throughout the years, Joe has been involved in reporting on a variety of news stories.  Here we showcase some of his most notable stories.  Further down, you will find… [read more]

  • Joe’s Styles

    Joe has a lot to say – and see – about men’s fashion and style. Here, we show photos of Joe modeling the latest trends for men. Below are a variety of images of Joe sporting fashion styles from various retailers, from fashion shows to charitable events across the country.

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