Color: Bold, Daring, Risque

White t-shirts and jeans are the basics of a man’s clothing collection, right? FACT. I too, am a big fan of the dynamic duo, BUT they are by far not the only things taking up sexy space in my closets. Oh no, no.

The majority of the men that I have surveyed are skeptical of simply having some fun. The same kind of fun they have when they go a bar. Men hurry up and experiment with shots and other beverages. So, why not do the same with color?!

Black and White fashion - safe, sometimes stylish, sometimes appropriate, sometimes boringWhite, black, grey– the same old thing! Let’ s bring the rainbow into the mix. I once was conservative when it came to colors. I stayed away from pink, reds and yellow, but suddenly I shifted. What pushed me? I got sick and tired of women having all the fun with colors and options. I wanted some excitement too! I got a little jealous. One day I looked at myself and said, “I’m bored, let me try something fresh. It’s time to be risky.” I found that I could wear any color shirts, pants and shoes. All it takes is confidence and saying “what the hell, I can do this.” If you want to be fabulous, then you have to just put it on and walk out the door and own it at every moment.

Plan of Attack

Try adding more colors, like vibrant striped button-ups to your wardrobeFind button up shirts that arouse the senses and draw attention. Grab floral designs, stripes, pastels and various graphics and go to the dressing room. At first, it may look shocking, but the more you look at the items on your body, the more you will realize it is okay and you can do this.

Take a look at these shirts. They are just a select few that I pulled out one of my closets to give examples of eye catchers. I certainly do get compliments. Be sure to have on some sunglasses to add a little flair to the face.

The Skin

Caucasian people, let’s have you try purple, blue, green and red. For brown-skinned to darker complexion, just go to bright colors. I am more of the light to brown complexion, and for me I can do all colors but that may or may not be the case for some. Experiment, people!


Always, be sure you have the proper jeans, or casual pants to compliment your shirt. Men should have various shades of jeans. And don’t even think about wearing tennis shoes, oh hell no. Get some nice loafers or year-round ankle cut boots. And you can always add a nice colored belt into the mix.

In the end, it says to the other men out there, I bet you wish you could rock this look don’t ya? Most will never do it. But for those of us who are willing to crossover into the new realm of possibilities, I would suggest to anyone, checkout International Concepts (I.N.C.). They are very modern, trendy and DARING. This brand is classy and makes a statement. The prices vary and some are reasonable, but most importantly, the quality is beyond superb.

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