Manicures for Success

Manicures are important for personal and business successA manicure is a prerequisite for success.

Gents, whoever told you that you can walk around, in public, with ashy, busted feet and hands did you a great disservice. Nothing pains me more than to see a poorly dressed man, but I will take that over corn-flake dried feet. Having flops on and not having presentable feet and freshly cut nails on your paws is simply ridiculous and disgusting. And don’t even think about committing the biggest fashion faux pas of all– wearing socks with sandals to hide those hooves.
I recommend hitting up the nail salon twice a month. If you can’t afford the bi-weekly delight then I suppose a monthly visit will do. It’s an entire experience for me. I love sitting in those great massaging chairs with my sunglasses on while I am drinking champagne and listening to Nicki Minaj.

It’s best to request either the buff treatment, which allows the shine to last longer (pay extra for this…worth it) or simply ask for the clear polish, but the more exposure to water, etc. this polish will remove very fast.

When I’m getting my nails buffed and shined, I see other men and even some woman giving me weird looks. I don’t care, though. While those guys are looking down on me, not only am I doing my hygienic due diligence, but I’m also basking in the praise from the non-haters.
If you are too embarrassed to go to the nail salon, you must do something. So an at-home treatment will do, but if you aren’t going to the professionals, you are missing crucial cleaning such as the removal of those filthy cuticles, hangnails, calluses (which is that dry hard skin on the bottom of your feet) and removal of any bacteria/debris build up under the nail plate. The thought makes me want to vomit. You can do this stuff yourself, if you have the skill, but most don’t. Leave it to the pros.

And for those who are wondering, no, it’s not a gay thing. Any self-respecting professional, needs well-manicured feet and hands. You never know where your business ventures may take you. One minute you could be shaking hands in the board room, the next you could be enjoying a working meeting over drinks, on the beach. Don’t get caught with busted feet.

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