Men and Makeup

It’s time to hit a quick taboo topic for the gents. Is it acceptable for us to wear makeup? Yes, I said the M word. There is no simple answer. This is not like taking a fashion risk and I have to admit, I am not expecting the men who are reading this to even really try this. BUT my goal is to bring about some critical thinking.

Most people associate make-up with celebrities and on-air talent. Well let me break it to ya…no, no if you have a purpose. then you need to splash a little paint on that face too. Joe’s motto: “Hello if you are sexy, confident and fabulous then work IT.”

I am a firm believer in the use of concealers. They work great for blemishes and under the eyes, etc. Honestly, I don’t apply it daily, I really don’t need it because I take care of my skin (and I hope you do as well and then you may not need to stress).

Men, if you are going out to dinner (whether its biz, socially, HOT date, or date night with spouse) if you want to give a more polished and refreshed look then you must spray.

If you are of darker skin tone, you don’t need much. But if you have lighter to fair skin, then it makes more sense to have a kit. I would suggest using a liquid based concealer over a powder. Don’t over apply it. Otherwise, it won’t look natural and one will automatically know that you tried TOO hard and you are obviously smearing on paint.

Before you even begin to apply, wash your face. Then use your finger and dab it into the concealer and in the designated areas, lightly but a few dots. I prefer using a small makeup brush to gently massage into the skin.

Just a reminder guys, who gives a rat’s booty if people are judging you for being inside Sephora or MAC having the associates test products on you? Take this quote for thought, “what you think of me is not my business.”

At the end you are getting the compliments that the other men so desperately want.

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