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Fashion accessories for menGentlemen! The word “accessories” is not just a woman’s word. You need to add this word to your style dictionary.

Men's JewelryStyle is subjective but if you don’t have anything on your wrist, neck, fingers or your waistlines, then you are lacking and not catching someone’s eye. Instead, you are just another lame man at the gas pump at your local gas station.

So what do you need? Bracelets, cuffs, watches, necklaces and belts (Hell yeah! You heard me?! Belts!). Cuffs are one of the most easiest and most noticeable accessories. When I am out and about, people are obsessed with my styling. As you can see in the Joe Sutton Collection of cuffs, I have different colors and styles, and I sometimes mix and match. I prefer wearing the same style because I am all about sexy and consistency. One could even say I got this idea from Wonder Woman. Hey, don’t judge! Inspiration comes from many places.

You don’t want to overdo the neck. No, you don’t need a Mr. T type chain. Use something simple.

Men's BraceletsI love to wear a decorative unique look, but I also have a real chain. I love the coral rock choker look. Get some in various colors to compliment when you are wearing a solid color or when you really want to match it with the color shirt you have on. Here’s a peek into my assortment of neckwear for you to get some ideas…

Watches of all colors………Don’t Argue

Belts, OMG, I love a belt that is the same color as my shoes, shirt and nice big belt buckles. You can’t go wrong with a great belt. But not judging you; Do you.Shoes and Belts

Take a look at some of the Joe Sutton Collection belts in the images. These belts draw your eye and wraps up the whole ensemble. Belts such as these styles in the pictures are great, it really sets up the ensemble and the center of attention goes to the waistline as one studies your styling body from head to toe.

Think of it as dating; we like variety, so mix that shit up already.

Watches as style accessoriesWhere can you pick up great items for a great price? I love to shop at Buckle. They have a wide array of great content from which to choose. Some may consider it a bit gothic, but it is edgy and cool. Many boutiques have one-of-a-kind options that you will of course not find in department stores. I suggest going to the suburbs and walking around those nice picturesque downtowns where you can find these sorts of shops.

You really want to play with your arms and neck to pop off the clothes you are wearing. Remember those days in school when you had to do presentations based on your interests and skills? Well, this is the same thing! Spice it up a bit and take Joe’s advice, get those damn accessories.

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