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    Men and Makeup

    It’s time to hit a quick taboo topic for the gents. Is it acceptable for us to wear makeup? Yes, I said the M word. There is no simple answer. This is not like taking a fashion risk and I have to admit, I am not expecting the men who are reading this to even really… [read more]

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    Manicures for Success

    A manicure is a prerequisite for success. Gents, whoever told you that you can walk around, in public, with ashy, busted feet and hands did you a great disservice. Nothing pains me more than to see a poorly dressed man, but I will take that over corn-flake dried feet. Having flops on and not having… [read more]

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    The Accessories of a Man…

      Gentlemen! The word “accessories” is not just a woman’s word. You need to add this word to your style dictionary. Style is subjective but if you don’t have anything on your wrist, neck, fingers or your waistlines, then you are lacking and not catching someone’s eye. Instead, you are just another lame man at… [read more]

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